Core Values

We continuously strive to become role models to others through outstanding conducts in both professional and personal contexts.

We value unity. We collaborate and cooperate towards achieving collective goals for the betterment of the University.

We uphold accountability and fully commit to exceptional work ethic.

We do not give in to hardships. We practice persistence and resilience in managing and solving challenges.​

We embrace differences and work towards a safe environment that values, respects, and offers fair opportunities to everyone in our community.

Logo Rationale


UNIMAS Official Seal

The overall theme reflects the University's commitment to knowledge and excellence. The tree a symbol of growth and knowledge stands also for the natural resources of Sarawak and Malaysia their diverse ethnic groups and

UNIMAS Monogram Logo

UNIMAS has been using a rounded-shaped coat of arms official seal since its early days of establishment in 1992, across all communication touch points; stationery, official merchandise, official , signposting

UNIMAS 30th Year Anniversary Celebration Logo

The UNIMAS 30 Years logo has a clean, minimal design, illustrated with the selection of Poppins font and the use of only three colours. The logo depicts the number 30 that is partially out of a box, reflecting the emerging and traversing of ideas and knowledge from the University to the outside


UNIMAS Brand Manual

Brand Narrative

Located in the heart of Borneo – the world’s richest site for biodiversity and indigenous knowledge, UNIMAS is a prominent global player in empowering communities, nurturing creativity and pioneering innovation for a sustainable world

UNIMAS Gemilang

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