Fellowship of Teaching and Learning

The UNIMAS FoTL is an entity estlished under the auspices of the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) and works closely with the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM).
UNIMAS FoTL members consist of academics recognised as Fellow and headed by an Executive Council.


  • Pursue excellence, scholorship, innovation and creativity in teaching and learning.
  • Value and recognize commitments towards improvement of teaching and learning across the university


  • Provide a platform for sharing new knowledge and expertise in teaching and learning
  • Foster collaboration among academics of various faculties/centres in seeking for solution to teaching and learning challenges
  • Connect the academics and university management on teaching and learning matters
  • Recognise academics for their sustained and demonstrated commitments in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning

Executive Council

Members comprises the Director of the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM), the Deputy Director (Learning Advancement) of the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM) and a few Fellows who are chosen to serve on a rotational basis. Working Closely with the Fellows of the Fellowship, the Executive Council will set the direction of the UNIMAS FoTL. This Executive Council will also execute the activities of FoTL.

Members of FoTL will be...

Appointed by the Vice Chancellor
Invited for presentation of commendable solutions or recommendations at university level committee(s)
Given priority for securing SoTL grant on initiatives approved by the Executive Council

Teaching and Learning Special Interest Groups

FoTL will form special interest groups to be led by Fellows to focus on important and meaningful initiatives that can enhance the educational experience in UNIMAS.A few proposed interest groups including, but not limited to, the following:

Technology-Enhanced Learning

This group may focus on deriving means to optimise the use of technology in teaching and learning, deriving relevant policies, identifying best practices, exploring technology-related innovations and so forth.

Faculty Focus

This group may focus on the facilitation of learning via relevant teaching techniques, defining best practices, exploring the art and science of teaching across all disciplines, obtaining peer feedback on teaching, creating conducive physical learning environments, deriving relevant policies and so forth.

Student Focus

This group recognises the role of student feedback in teaching and learning and may focus on creating means to gather student feedback, deriving methods to incorporate student feedback into teaching and learning techniques and so forth.

Inclusive Learning Environment

This group may focus on proposing feasible means to provide better learning support to the disabled students and so forth.


Recognition of Teaching

This group seeks to recognise the various excellent teaching and learning endeavours by academics.


The Fellowship

Membership in the Fellowship as a Fellow is an honour granted to academics who have;
  • Expressed willingness to participate actively to advance the mission of the fellowship and
  • Rendered substantial service (minimum of 5 years) or leadership in teaching and learning; and/or
  • Demonstrated teaching excellence
Fellows will be appointed for a period of 2 years.
Fellows may be nominated by faculties/centres, the Executive Council of the fellowship or self-nomination by individual academic.

Teaching and Learning Publications

Targeted Publications
Books on the findings of SoTL projects Online Sharing by Fellows

Teaching and Learning Events

At least one Teaching and Learning event from each interest group yearly
  • Fellows Only Event
  • SoTL Symposium