Academic Development

UNIMAS is fully committed to ensure all academics have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their work consistently at high standard and to achieve their full potential. Nurturing excellent educators is one of the commitments of the university towards excellence in education and training. We recognise that the training and development of our academics is fundamental to the improvement of our operational performance and the achievement of our strategy and goals. UNIMAS therefore strive to make training and development an integral part of our operations and to follow a continuous process of appraisal, training and development through the activities of Academic Training Unit (ATU) at CALM.

Training Scope

This training and development process applies to all academic staff of UNIMAS irrespective of their employment status, function, grade or location. Every staff is treated equally in the provision of training and development opportunities and is provided with equal access to training and development opportunities relevant to their needs.

Academic Training Programmes

ATU coordinates CALM’s courses that focus on teaching and learning. In addition, ATU collaborates with UNIMAS Innovation, Publication Division (PD), Strategic Planning and Quality Management Center (SQC), and Curriculum Development and Management Division (CDMD) to offer courses on research, publication, quality assurance, and curriculum development.

Off Campus Training

ATU is responsible in processing applications from academic staff to attend off campus courses within the country. Financial support for approved application includes training fees, travel costs, accommodation and food allowances as stipulated in the Bursary Circular on Rate and Entitlement (WP1.10). Upon completion of the training, the applicant is required to conduct a knowledge sharing session at his or her respective faculty or at university level as well as to submit a written report.

Other Training

In addition, CALM also provides financial support for participation in the ACELLT Leadership Development Series in Higher Education Learning & Teaching Programme, held by the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT).


The Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching and Learning or PgDip(HETL) Programme offered and managed by Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM), UNIMAS is a comprehensive professional development programme that is specifically designed to enhance the competencies, knowledge and skills of the academics. The programme adheres strictly to and meets all the requirements of the UNIMAS Postgraduate Study Rules and Regulations in which quality assurance elements are intrinsically instituted.

A Programme Management Committee (PMC) is established to plan and monitor the academic curriculum, course delivery and quality assurance of the program. The PMC is chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), and its members consist of the management team at the Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia and selected professors and senior lecturers from all faculties. To ensure effective delivery of the program, highly qualified and experienced teaching staff are sourced from within and outside UNIMAS.

To date, UNIMAS is the only public institution of higher learning in Malaysia to offer such certification for academic staff, specifically to develop their competence and skills to teach as university educators.

Postgraduate Diploma in T&L


The programme aims to continuously retool and reskill young academics with knowledge and skills about Teaching at Higher Education, especially in the area of pedagogy and instructional technology.

In particular, the objectives of the PgDip(HETL) programme are:
  • to train UNIMAS academics in teaching and learning on a systematic and formal basis to enhance their personal competence as university educators
  • to establish a long term commitment toward teaching and learning that is consistent with UNIMAS teaching and learning policies; and
  • to develop a culture of collaborative academic community that places special commitment to excellence in teaching and learning.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in T&L Postgraduate Diploma in T&L PreU


    The PgDip(HETL) programme comprises of eight courses, all of which amounting to 32 credits (4 credits per course). The curriculum is a combination of coursework and practicum. The courses in this programme are:

    1. Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
    2. Curriculum and Instructional Design
    3. Mentoring and Facilitating Learning
    4. Principles of Teaching and Learning
    5. Student-Centred Learning
    6. Assessment of Learning
    7. Technology for Teaching and Learning
    8. Teaching Practicum

    PgDip(HETL) Alumni

    --> PGDip Alumni List

    Alumni's Reflection

    One of the greatest rewards in teaching is to receive positive and encouraging feedback from those who have completed their studies. Below is a selection of reflections recorded from the graduates.

    " The Postgraduate Diploma of Education course at Unimas was through as it covers curriculum and instructional designs to technology used in teaching and learning. The teaching practice has allowed me to reflect on my teaching skills and improve myself. The instructors of this course are very professional,supportive, friendly, and always willing to help. I feel that the assignments, presentations and examinations are quite rigorous, demanding and time consuming since i have to juggle my time with other commitment. However, these activities provide excellent reinforcement of the materials presented in the lectures. Finally, this course has provided me a tremendous understanding of educational principles and practices and i benefit a lot from it. "
    - Dr Zunika Amit, FMHS -

    " I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to attend UNIMAS PGDip program. I've gained some invaluable knowledge and skills particularly in preparing the examination questions. Evaluation on students' performance must be valid and can be measured to produce good quality graduates in the future. I personally think that all lecturers, regardless of their age or background should attend this properly planned program. Let's make learning fun and memorable! "
    - Dr Lee Kui Soon, FRST -

    " The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning has changed my personalview on teaching and learning. In fact, it had made me realize the importance of student centered learning activities in our daily lectures. In addition, it has also helped me to develop the essential knowledge and professional skills required for teaching at university. Therefore, i would like to recommend all lecturers to take advantage and enroll into the programme which also increases our self-confidence. "
    - Farhana binti Ismail, FEB -


    The UNIMAS Vision & Mission Workshop is conducted yearly for newly hired academics as a strategy to facilitate their understanding about the university's aspirations, directions and responsibilities. Sessions are conducted by the top management team of the university, and it opens valuable opportunities to directly interact with decision makers and leaders of the university. The workshop has been conducted annually since the year UNIMAS was established, making it one of the university's essential events that should not be missed by any UNIMAS academics.

    CALM is also coordinating the off-campus applications from acdemic staff. Related guidelines and forms are as follows:

    Forms and Guidelines