UNIMAS Massive Open Online Courses (UNIMAS MOOC) is a collection of online courses offered openly and freely to the world via the OpenLearning platform. To date, five fully developed MOOCs are available via https://www.openlearning.com/unimasmooc

Courses in UNIMAS MOOC are presented mostly via teaching videos and engage learners via various online learning activities such as ViFlection, discussion, peer-review assignment, as well as various forms of assessments. Besides, offering life-long learning opportunities to learners from all over the world. These courses are also actively used by UNIMAS students via the blended learning approach.

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Please visit www.openlearning.com for UNIMAS MOOCs

UNIMAS MOOC - Advanced Animation Studio Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Engineers in Sustainable Development

UNIMAS MOOC - Helping Relationships Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Programming Using C Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Basic First Aid Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Biodiversity Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Borneo Ethnography Promo Video

UNIMAS MOOC - Sarawak Malay Dialect 1 Promo Video

Fundamentals of Management

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