Academic Development

UNIMAS is fully committed to ensure all academics have the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to perform their work consistently at high standard and to achieve their full potential. Nurturing excellent educators is one of the commitments of the university towards excellence in education and training. We recognise that the training and development of our academics is fundamental to the improvement of our operational performance and the achievement of our strategy and goals. UNIMAS therefore strive to make training and development an integral part of our operations and to follow a continuous process of appraisal, training and development through the activities of Academic Training Unit (ATU) at CALM.

Training Scope

This training and development process applies to all academic staff of UNIMAS irrespective of their employment status, function, grade or location. Every staff is treated equally in the provision of training and development opportunities and is provided with equal access to training and development opportunities relevant to their needs.

Academic Training Programmes

ATU coordinates CALM’s courses that focus on teaching and learning. In addition, ATU collaborates with UNIMAS Innovation, Publication Division (PD), Strategic Planning and Quality Management Center (SQC), and Curriculum Development and Management Division (CDMD) to offer courses on research, publication, quality assurance, and curriculum development.

Off Campus Training

ATU is responsible in processing applications from academic staff to attend off campus courses within the country. Financial support for approved application includes training fees, travel costs, accommodation and food allowances as stipulated in the Bursary Circular on Rate and Entitlement (WP1.10). Upon completion of the training, the applicant is required to conduct a knowledge sharing session at his or her respective faculty or at university level as well as to submit a written report.

Other Training

In addition, CALM also provides financial support for participation in the ACELLT Leadership Development Series in Higher Education Learning & Teaching Programme, held by the Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT).


MQA/PA 10051


The Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (PgDip(HETL)) programme in UNIMAS aims to produce competent and inspiring tertiary educators who are well-equipped with contemporary and advanced knowledge and skills in teaching and learning as to enable them to function effectively in a variety of learning environments. This programme focuses on developing its students’ capabilities to enhance teaching and learning via scientific and problem-solving skills; employ various transformative teaching and learning delivery and alternative assessment methods in support of Industrial Revolution 4.0; conduct critical reflection and analysis as scholarly practices as well as use and create technological solutions and/or innovations to enhance teaching and learning processes.

The Centre for Applied Learning and Multimedia (CALM), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) is the first university that offers such a programme in Sarawak. Historically, this programme has been provided internally to UNIMAS academics since 2003. To date (as of September 2018), the programme has produced 449 graduates and received numerous glowing testimonials from our alumni. The programme welcomes its first intake of students (applicants outside of UNIMAS) starting from September 2019.

Ten Reasons For Choosing This Programme

1. Accredited by MQA and MOE
2. Delivery via the blended learning approach
3. Employs alternative assessments such as project-based, practicum, and non-exam-based
4. Incorporates transformative teaching and learning delivery
5. Conducive teaching and learning facilities that support collaborative learning
6. Flexible mode of study: full time and part time options are available
7. Conducted by a group of highly qualified and experienced scholars
8. Provides know-how in facilitating learning
9. Provides knowledge in enhancing student learning via systematic inquiry
10. A well-structured and comprehensive programme focusing on significant teaching and learning aspects in higher education

Interested candidates are welcomed to apply online via http://www.postgrad.unimas.my

Postgraduate Diploma in T&L

This publication contains information, which is current as of April 2019. Changes in circumstances after this date may impact upon the accuracy of the information. UNIMAS and CALM do their best to ensure that the information herein is accurate but reserves the right to change any information here without notice. Readers are responsible for verifying information that pertains to them by contacting the university.


The UNIMAS Vision & Mission Workshop is conducted yearly for newly hired academics as a strategy to facilitate their understanding about the university's aspirations, directions and responsibilities. Sessions are conducted by the top management team of the university, and it opens valuable opportunities to directly interact with decision makers and leaders of the university. The workshop has been conducted annually since the year UNIMAS was established, making it one of the university's essential events that should not be missed by any UNIMAS academics.

Senarai Alumni VISI dan MISI

Senarai Alumni VISI dan MISI